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Bounty Hunter Bros: As I See It Yes

As I see It Yes
By: Michael M. Humel

“As I See It Yes” is a hauntingly heavy rock album that has moments of slow melodic beauty. I enjoyed the slower version of “Killing Time” much more than I did the faster, harder version on their freshmen effort “Paid in Full.” The mixture between the slow and heavy parts of the song coupled with the delicate guitar work by Bobby Pesti made this song one of the albums standouts. “Backwards” is a slow melodic pretty song that personally was my favorite on the entire album. The driving beat by Roger Perez was the main attraction on Nom de Plume. I was surprised when I started listening to “Hear her Drone on the Telephone” because it was definitely a more commercial, catchy and fun song than I am used to hearing on a Bounty Hunter Brothers album. I was pleasantly surprised because it was one of my favorites. The songs “Comes Around” and “I Wanna be Your Dog” I was disappointed with. When I was listening to “Comes Around” it felt longer than it was because the lyrics repeated themselves to much and I was bored. I found myself wanting to skip to the next song. I have heard multiple bands cover “I Wanna be your dog” and I was hoping they would have done a more raw, exposed, vulnerable version of the song for the album.


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