Promoting Las Vegas Arts & Culture

Downtown Comedy Night

By: Michael M. Humel

Downtown Comedy Night at the Backstage Bar and Billiards was held on April 1st and hosted by Phil Skratch Cummings. The show only had approximately twenty people in attendance. Despite the show being free to attend.
The show had six comedians and one headliner. The first three comedians to take the stage were not from Las Vegas and I barely laughed at any of the jokes they told. When comedians Charlie Stone and Arijont Phillips from Las Vegas took the stage the vibe of the show changed. Charlie Stone was confident, aggressive, on the offensive and seemed like he belonged on the stage. More than any of the comics that had come before him. Arijont Phillips was also funny and his set was enjoyable. His observations about relationships were funny and relatable. The headliner for the show was Penny Prince. He didn’t seem to have much material or a set plan of what he wanted to talk about. I don’t think he was very organized. However, he did find material that connected with the audience. He was a good impressionist that kept the audience laughing and gave me some of the biggest laughs of the night. He impersonated cartoons like Winnie the Pooh and King of the Hill with his own spin on them. Overall I’m glad I got to see this show. However, if it hadn’t been for the last three comedians the show wouldn’t have been enjoyable or funny at all.IMG_0813


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