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Sitting Down With Bounty Hunter Brothers

Bounty Hunter Brothers
By: Michael M. Humel

The Bounty Hunter Brothers seem to have very different personalities with similar musical interests that bound them together tightly. The two longest running members of the band and the frontmen who share almost equal singing/songwriting duties were welcoming, funny and interesting. New drummer for the band Joshua Miles Douridas who came on board when Roger Perez left was not as outspoken. I did enjoy his input and his enthusiasm about the band. I liked how he wants to create a more “thunderous sound for the band.” I enjoyed William Davenport’s sense of humor, his quick wit and his ability to entertain. The answers given sometimes went off course because other topics he wanted to talk about. However, he had plenty of interesting, funny stories to tell.
The moment I enjoyed most about the interview was when Bobby Pesti explained his views on the Downtown Project. Bobby Pesti is a Las Vegas native and he shares the same skepticism I do in regard to the changes that will take place. I don’t think any of what is going on will have a lasting effect on our community. When politics are involved I don’t trust anyone. My favorite quote in the interview came from Pesti when he talked about who was at the helm of the Downtown Project. “Same dick different face,” said Pesti. My only hope for this endeavor is that bands, artists and actors/actresses realize a bigger platform to showcase themselves, they are more appreciated and sought after. When he spoke about art and money I partially disagreed with his opinion. Pesti said he doesn’t think you should be able to make a living being an artist. I believe you should be able to make a living creating art in any form so you can do what you love for the rest of your life. However, I don’t believe you should be paid an exorbitant amount of money for it.
The bands five-year plan to expand and become more established in other areas and have more albums is a plausible and real vision. I hope they continue to make good music and realize their dreams.


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