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Jack and the B-Fish Play Marathon Show


By: Michael M. Humel

Jack and the B-Fish played a four hour show at Wicked Vickys Tavern inside the Riviera with no opener, no closer and small breaks in between each set. The venue gave both a dark, cozy and warm feeling despite its large size. They even played the show without their drummer who had previously left the band.

The personalities of lead singer Kevin Kilfeather and bass player Mark Szymanski were evident throughout the show. In the songs “Sharks” and “Merlins Beard” Szymanski’s background vocals were fun and playful. The band played a cover of “Foxy Lady” by Jimi Hendrix which complimented the growled vocals of Kilfeather perfectly. The subtle sounds of a saxophone, keyboard, and tambourine by Steven Archer on “Roulette” and “Retro Radio” proved to showcase talents that would surely be missed if they weren’t present. The song “Hatch” has an island feel that reminded me slightly of Sublime.

Even after the scheduled show was over the band continued
to play songs for the small audience. Jack and the B-Fish played a New Years Eve show in Santa Monica with guest bassist A.J Gerst because of Szymanski’s departure. The band is currently looking for a new bassist and drummer.


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