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In the Abstract: A Unique Experience

Viridian (1)By: Michael M. Humel

In the Abstract is a unique album in its different styles of hard and soft rock. The slow groove and soothing voice of Serena Kiddy sets a tone on “Chance to Say”. I noticed while listening to the album she would repeat words or phrases, which normally would bother me. However, I found myself listening more and waiting for when it would happen. It became one of the themes of the release. Long slow calming vocal notes bring the listener into submission just as the hard guitar of “Take it Slow” awakens the ear drums. What I noticed most about this album was the steady inviting voice of its front woman Serena Kiddy and the guitar work of Chris Barragato and Joel Collins. In the beginning of “Far and Away” the two separate guitar parts reminded me of what could be two different songs that meld together perfectly. The hard charging riff of “Freight Train” made you feel like you were going along for the ride and it makes your heart race. The lyrical theme of never giving up and continuing forward no matter what spoke to me. Also the message in “Let It Shine” that we are good enough is a theme that isn’t written about as much as it should. I appreciate the socially conscious and important lyrics within this record. Christian Alexander Eastman supports “Long Way Out” and “Regardless” with hard pounding drum performances. The song I enjoy the most is “The Architect”. The power and depth of Chris Barragato’s voice adds another layer to the band. The two voices of Chris and Serena playing off of one another is an avenue I would like to see explored.


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