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Sitting Down With Viridian


By: Michael M. Humel

When I first saw Viridian play they had a quiet energy. They were into what they were jamming, they were thankful to their audience and they didn’t really say much. Which is why I wanted to know them and talk to them. This was definitely the funniest interview overall that we have done. They were laughing, joking and almost never taking each other to seriously except for when they talked about the purpose of the band. They are two sides of the same coin that I appreciated seeing the differences in.
I found it interesting another band we interviewed had a connection to Craigslist. Advertisement is an important avenue for musical improvement at multiple levels. Whether it be in the improvement of a scene or the formation of a band of brothers and one sister. Musical souls come together in many different ways. The background of the name Viridian spoke to me in that it emphasized the universe having a hand in the decision of the name for the band. After the name was chosen the universe exposing the color Viridian to the band, I found that interesting and a little weird. The most important moment for me came when Christian Alexander Eastman answered the question of how Las Vegas local music can improve. This theme of a better or closer form of community continues to arise. Las Vegas is very segregated in its interests and its culture and we need to break down the barriers and come together. I understand bands and artists have a mission in mind for where they want their music to go. However, if everyone within the music community works together and puts single minded goals aside everyone will be better for it. If people think of everyone else first growth will happen. We need to have more local shows and specific venues that only do local shows. Serena Kiddy was right when she said we need to emphasize local music in advertising. A lot of local people are looking for places to go to have a good night out and most of the local music shows in town are free. If the scene is exposed more we would have more traffic at those shows and people might hear music they wouldn’t normally be exposed to. I have always had a strange attraction to bands who have female members or female lead singers. Even though the band doesn’t seem to have any ego I like how Serena seems to be a leader or at least the most outspoken and the voice for the bands purpose.
The mash up style of the band I think is directly the result of the many different influences of its members. It’s important when a band and its members intentionally try to sound different, so that they don’t fall into a classification that they can’t escape. The reason I asked the band to describe their brand of alternative rock was because usually I can make connections to bands through other bands. Most of the time I can say this band sounds like this band, this song sounds like this song. I can’t do that with Viridian. I think that’s the best compliment I can give them.


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