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Lacunas: The Solid Suns

Lacunas picture
By: Michael M. Humel

Listening to this album I heard a new element to the Solid Suns. I’ve seen this band in concert and the blues, funk and rock influences were evident. However, the band also displays easy-going, pretty, ballad-like potential in songs such as “Hiding from the Sun” “Linger (As Long As You Please.)” The band also gives a quiet guitar and haunting vocal that builds into a hard guitar climax and reminds me of “Hurt” by Nine Inch Nails in the song “The Siren.”
“Anyman’s Lament” has a fun and unique beat with a driving bass, angry vocals, guitar and its one of my favorite tracks on the record. “Holes” is an underwater guitar sounding journey that gets heavier and goes back down to where it started. When I listened of the track “Broken Nights” I felt a darker mood like maybe I should be listening to it on Halloween. The song “Legion” had a good drum beat and the song “Break me good” had a fun reggae feel. However, these two songs were probably my two least favorite songs. The drum work of Brian Keen on “Highchair” was a highlight of his on the album. The track Caerulean gave bassist Jim Campbell a highlight of his own. On the tracks “Ash” and “Dead and Gone” Jon Gamboa had two of his best vocals and the build up of his guitar on “Ash” made the song.
Overall, I’m glad I was able to listen to this album and I am curious to see where the band goes into the future. I hope to hear a mix of different styles like in this album.!/TheSolidSuns


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