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Sitting down with The Solid Suns

Solid Suns 3
Solid Suns 2
Solid Suns 1
By: Michael M. Humel

The most important feeling I received from The Solid Suns while interviewing them was being able to relate to them. When I asked the band what are your goals Jon Gamboa said “just to make enough to be able to do what we love.” In my opinion the simple pleasures are the best kind. One of the most important aspects of life is having the freedom to do what you want to do.
When I asked the question submitted from Joshua of Candy Warpop and Jon answered it with his Star Trek explanation I started laughing and I had to purposely try to be quiet so I didn’t interfere with the bands audio. I love the nerd vibe I get from a lot of my friends that I know in Las Vegas. I agreed with the explanation of Jon Gamboa about him not wanting to over saturate his songs with his musical influences. The music you play should be your own. Bands and artists take too much liberty with their influences. If the Las Vegas community had a bigger collection of promoters the scene in my opinion would become bigger. It’s funny how similar bands I have met create songs. By bringing the basics of a song to practice and building upon an idea a song is born. I love when everyone is involved in the song writing process because it shows how little ego a band has. Somewhere down the line between local to famous band that idea becomes lost. Before meeting with The Solid Suns I had never really had in mind the idea of sonic space. The Solid Suns have in my opinion the best rhythm section I have heard in Las Vegas. It seems the reason is partially because both members understand the need for them to occupy the right amount of sonic space within the band. Since they are only a trio they have to play louder, they have to play more and they have to play in a unique way that compliments their style. When Jim Campbell spoke about pop music being plagiarized I couldn’t help but somewhat agree. A lot of music today is stolen or bits and pieces are used enough to realize where the influences come from. Bands and single artists rip off each other a lot and that may be a downfall for certain types of music.
Electronic music is becoming bigger within the music scene. I like electronic music to a degree because good beats are good beats. However, like Jim Campbell said its special hearing live music played by people using instruments and having the feeling of emotion and soul behind that music. The soul, emotion, experimentation of sounds and occupation of sonic space is what makes The Solid Suns one of my favorite bands in Las Vegas.


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