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September Preview Thursday and First Friday


By: Paloma Solamente
Art Columnist

I visited some galleries along with Photographer Laura Garrison and every single exhibit was very exciting as usual. Gallery owners, curators and staff were welcoming to everyone visiting during the monthly artistic festivities at The Arts District also known as the 18b.

Blackbird Studio had an exhibit called “Domestic Bondage” by visual artist Lisa Dittrich and her artistic vision is amazing. Her pieces followed a story of domestic solitude that traveled all the way to freedom in an extremely well planned sequence as you made your way into the gallery. I had a chance to speak with Lisa Dittrich who told me that her inspiration for her exhibit was the important women in her life, friends and relatives that she had lost in one way or another due to life circumstances. Another triumph for Blackbird studios.

Sin City Gallery once again took my breath away with their exhibit, artwork by Nancy Peach. Bright colors and sensuality on every piece. Nancy Peach is one on my favorite oil painters, her interpretation on eroticism is often accentuated with gold and silver leaf that truly must be admired.

Dr. Lepper Design Circus left me speechless as I walked in, a huge mural welcomed everyone to the gallery. it was refreshing to see several visual artists collaborating in this project at the same time and the artists were interacting with the audience answering questions about their different styles and how they decided to become one thanks to this form of media. Featuring artists were Evann Farber, Jesse Angelcloud, Jeff Lewis and of course gallery owner Justin Lepper. Stay tuned for more news about Justin Lepper’s new gallery The Artistic Armony where he is collaborating with other visual artists on this new project outside the 18b.

PeaceNart Studio was exhibiting “Controlled Chaos, Tivoli Collection” by visual artists and owner Alexander P. Huerta. As always his magnificent art pieces are full if substance and depth delivering a specific meaning to every art lover. As usual PeaceNart Studio had a guest artist of the month which in this case is a young artist by the name of Nick Cantu. He was showcasing beautiful bright colors on his water paintings. Support his art by visiting PeaceNart Studio.

Jana’s RedRoom also located inside the Arts Factory. As always supporting many artists was featuring art work by the amazing Mark Andrew while showcasing Glyn W. Galloway, Armando Flores, Lynne Adamson Adrian, Loretta de Grandis, 3 Baaad Sheep, Ryan Williams and more visual artists. Jana Lynch was showcasing some of her own art work as well. There is so much art at Jana’s RedRoom that you will always find that special piece of art work for everyone’s taste.

The Contenporary Arts Center (CAC) had an exhibit with so much variety which included art work by Ginger Bruner, Diane Bush, Matthew Couper, Andrea Donahue, Justin Favela, Darren Johnson, Jennifer Kleven, Charles Morgan, Kristal Ramirez, Lisa Stamanis, Jeane Voltura, Mikayla Whitemore and Jo Russ. What do they all have in common other than being incredible artists? They all are past and present CAC’s Committee Members! Every single way you look inside the CAC there is art piece after all piece and all of them magnificent… Even on the floor!

303 North Studio featuring artwork by owner James Henninger. James does it again, a “Burn Sale”. Such a genius is running out of space so what does he does? Whatever is not sold by September 28th, 2013 at exactly 10:59 pm. will go up in flames at the front patio of the Arts Factory. Not many pieces left so go and visit 303 North Studio and buy a piece of art, save it! James is open to reasonable negotiations so this is your opportunity to own one of his one of a kind pieces. The clock is ticking so hurry up!

RTZvegas by the garden at Art Square, owner Richard Hooker prepared a very well balanced exhibit. Bruner & Bondi’s exhibit “Suspicious Evidence” art work by artists Ginger Bruner and Anthony Bondi takes you from the warm and passionate colors used by Ginger Bruner to the relaxing and fresh colors used by Anthony Bondi. It was my first time inside this gallery and as soon as I went in I said “I’m moving in!”, I could not take my eyes away from every single piece of visual art. I must say that RTZvegas was a true delight!

Next month I’ll be visiting galleries once again during Preview Thursday and First Friday, if you have any suggestions please feel free to contact me so I can add them to my list!


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