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Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson At The Onyx

By: Michael M. Humel

The musical Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, with lyrics by Michael Friedman and book by Alex Timbers, is running at the Onyx Theatre from September 19th until the 28th. They only have three shows left and if you haven’t seen the show you should.

The rock musical chronicles a fictionalized life of Andrew Jackson from his childhood, his presidency, and many events in between. The actors on stage began the show before it had even officially started, dressed in character inviting everyone to get involved and sing along. I enjoyed how the actors started off the production by making it an interactive show.

One of my first impressions of the show, even though it fell a little short of its’ seeming goal, is that of rock opera; despite that small shortcoming, the show was exceedingly entertaining, mostly due to the confidence and persona of Cory Goble as Andrew Jackson. Brenna Folger along with April Allain Memory McAllister and Nicole Unger had a strong musical moment in “Ten Little Indians” and Brenna Folger’s voice in “The Great Compromise” also shined through.

The Storyteller, played by Teresa Fullerton, accounts for many of the laughs throughout the show. I enjoyed the scenes between Andrew Jackson and Black Fox; it seemed like he was Andrew Jackson’s only friend at times. The scenes between Andrew and Lyncoya played by Will Haley were sweet and at the same time showed how rough Andrew Jackson’s personality could be. At the end of the play, when Jackson receives his doctorate, I felt that scene was a time of reflection. It made me wonder if he had realized all of the bad that he had done.

The set had an impressive design by Erik Ball and Kim Rahi, and felt fairly authentic for the time period. The set is one of the best I’ve seen of any show in Las Vegas. The sex appeal of the ladies in the show coupled with the costumes by that same design team was enticing and attractive. The direction by Troy Heard seemed very free. I got the impression that he allowed his actors to play, have fun, and allow the story to be told in a non-structured way.

This production was hilarious, fun and even a little informative. You should definitely check out the show for the final performances. Get tickets at


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