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An Interview with Sarah King

sarah king
By Paloma Solamente
Art Columnist

I met visual artist Sarah King at her RAW showcase En Masse, which was a huge success for her. Sarah’s paintings took my breath away and she shared with me some of her upcoming projects so an interview was a must. Photographer Vincent Cu and I met with her at the opening of the Gulten Dye Creative Playground which is a gallery located at Town Square here in Las Vegas where she was one of the featured artists.

Paloma: How did you get started in art?
Sarah: I started drawing as a child. My father is a writer who works on novels most of the time. I was six years old when I first started drawing. It has always been a passion and I ended up pursuing my Bachelors in Fine Art with a focus in painting from UNLV.

Paloma: What media do you use the most?
Sarah: I used to swear by oil paints, but I use acrylic paints on hand made stretched canvas and custom framing.

Paloma: Who or what inspires you, where does your artistic spirit comes from?
Sarah: I am inspired by people, the places they have gone, their stories, and their passions. Most of my artwork is based on places and the stories behind them. I am extremely inspired by travel and travelers. I have traveled a lot and I love to capture the place through my paintings.

Paloma: How much does the people around you support your art?
Sarah: My family and close friends support me fully in the Arts and push me to want to continue on a daily basis.

Paloma: What do you use or need to get into a creative mood?
Sarah: To get into the creative mood, I use music and meditation. I also enjoy looking at other artist’s work to become inspired. I enjoy seeing what others do in the art world. I enjoy being a part of their world.

Paloma: How did you feel on your first showcase ever. What were your emotions at that moment?
Sarah: My first showcase was exciting, but very draining. I am a pretty modest person and talking about myself and my artwork to others was exciting, but tiring. It was a fantastic experience though; meeting different people who felt touched by my Art. It made feel like I did my job as an Artist.

Paloma: What publications have you been a part of?
Sarah: I have been in publications for my murals in the past. I am a Raw: Natural Born Artist and was fortunate to be in a show covered by media such as Fox 5 More Access and the LA Times.

Paloma: Tell me about your most recent showcases and exhibits…
Sarah: My latest showcase was at RAW and now here at Gulten Dye Creative Playground. Which is a brand new gallery that encompasses local and international known artists.

Paloma: What exhibits are next?
Sarah: I am working on a few series at the same time. Right now the “Seven Wonders” is one of the series, which I have three pieces of on exhibit at Gulten Dye Creative Playground. I have a gallery in LA in the works. So more surprises to come, especially my newest series. They will be serious, out of this world, yet playful.

Paloma: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Sarah: Five years from now I see myself showing hopefully in galleries at an international level.

Paloma: How about opening your own gallery, any plans on that?
Sarah: I have worked in high end galleries, it’s a great experience. I would definitely consider opening up my own gallery when the timing is at it’s peak.

Paloma: What advice do you have for starting artists?
Sarah: My advice for starting artists is to follow your dreams, make it happen and treat your art not only with the passion, but as a business because that’s how you push yourself to the next level. I continue to strive for more and to better myself anyway I can.

Paloma: Before we end this interview please share with our readers where we can find you online…
Sarah: You can find me on social media such as Twitter @artbysarahking
Facebook: Art By Sarah King
YouTube: Art By Sarah King
And of course my website, where you can be added to my contact list for upcoming news:


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