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Sitting Down With Candy Warpop

By: Michael M. Humel

We recently we sat down with Candy Warpop to talk about the beginning of the band, the bands interests, and hopes for the future. I was glad I got to know them on a more intimate level.
When I first met Joshua Chevere Cohen I had not yet realized that he was the guitarist for what would turn out to be one of my favorite bands in Las Vegas. Listening to their album I was impressed with the unique guitar work, the hard drums, the poetic lyrics and the beautifully haunting voice of Amy Pate. They performed at an album release party I was again impressed by their performance art style concert. Between Joshua Chevere Cohen and Jonas Woolverton coming out in dresses, Amy Pate popping glitter from her top hat and the smoke-filled stage it was the first time in a while I had felt I was at a show and not just a concert.
When I interviewed the band I found it interesting that they were the third band I had spoken to that formed largely through Craig’s List. The idea that ads on the Internet can bring a band of similar people together makes me wonder if destiny had a hand in the formation of Candy Warpop. The background of the band being literature, journalism and film makes the story of the name Candy Warpop that much more fun and interesting. I love that the band essentially created this character called Candy Warpop and gave it a story to be told. One of the aspects of the band I enjoy most is the difference of musical interests of all the band members as well as the open-minded approach to writing and listening to music.
Joshua Chevere Cohen was right “the times they are a changin.” The music industry has changed whether people think it’s for better or for worse. Electronic music has definitely made a footprint on the industry and has changed the way music is written. Samples and electronic beats have stepped into the spotlight where music played by people with instruments used to live. The digital age has made musicians think differently about how they distribute music. Since I am old school I have and always will prefer CD’s over iTunes and MP3’s. I will never download music illegally. Artists create art because it’s what they love. They create because it’s a release for them that gives them fulfillment. They should be rewarded properly for the art they give the world.


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