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Raw Las Vegas, En Masse

By: Paloma Solamente
Art Columnist

Raw Las Vegas did it again, another amazing art show full of passion and spirit. On August 22nd, 7:00 pm. at The Act Nightclub inside the Plazzo, the doors opened and within minutes it was a full house of art, artists and art lovers. Amber Caijao Director of RAW Las Vegas and her Co-Director Carina Arriaga along with the whole RAW crew had everything running in perfect harmony before the grand event started.
Christie Creme who is the regular event host did an outstanding job on stage introducting all the artists and inviting them to the stage, giving them an opportunity to describe their artistic background, inspiration and future showcases. This gave the audience a chance to get to know a little more about their art work which was on display and for sale. RAW’s DJ Alphaq (DJ Lord Q) made sure all the attendees enjoyed the artistic ambiance with his amazing DJ skills during the event. He also provided the performing artists and fashion designers the necessary music for their performances and runway shows on stage. James Shahan opened the night with one of his last performances before he moved to New York City by performing his song “WOW”. I must say that his performance was nothing short of perfection with lyrics full of strength and passion. Other performing artists were Anthony Vacanti with a magnificent Lady Gaga and Beyonce style production complete with dancers and special effects, his singing and dancing were unbelievable. Noyezeman took the stage and made the audience melt with his singing (especially the ladies!) He is an amazing singer, songwriter and producer. Marisa Johnson was really impressive as well with her mix of classical soul with a pop edge. There were also great performances by Emily Kyle and The Beau Hodges Band.
There were several fashion and accessories designers such as Reyna Herrera last years RAWwards Las Vegas Fashion Designer of The Year and owner of Avanseh Progressive Clothing. She once again exhibited her beautiful designs with her modern and sleek aesthetic style. Kristin Pock, owner of Rhinestones and Razor Blades is an edgy jewelry designer who uses her tools and fabulous beads to create one of a kind pieces of jewelry for everyone’s taste. From shiny, sparkly, studded or spiked designs, every single one of her designs is one of a kind. Burses by Ammy, what a great and unique concept! Books transformed into purses. Her “purse library carries everything from the book Tiki Drinks to Shakespeare, a burse for every occasion. Ananchala is a fashion designer who gets his inspiration from the unconventional. His designs for this fashion show included metallic colors and straight clean lines in every design. All of the designs were very futuristic and supreme, stay tuned for a grand fashion show he will be having this November! The event also showcased other fashion designers “A Story in a Cloth”, Glowing gOOdies” and Jeaune Roe, each of them with an amazing one of a kind style in every design. Hair and Makeup artistry made a huge impact on stage as well. Some of the makeup artists that took part in the event were Feralene Orpilla, Sue Pyne and Angela D. Jones. Hair artists included Imperfections Salon and Luchrishna Harrison. She had a runway show with her designs as well.
Several photographers were showcased including Lisa Miller who is not only a photographer but a designer. She transfers photos to metal to design items such as magnets, coasters and more. She also designs jewelry using recycled items. Stephen Campbell presented some of his best landscape photos printed on canvases with an amazing 3D effect on every piece. His technique is truly unique and one to enjoy. Ryan Torrisi who is a product photographer and Craig M. Ogg who is a photographer and a theatrical lighting designer presented beautiful, unique and sophisticated pieces as well. There were so many mixed media artists such as Justin Lepper who would not stop creating art during the event doing a great abstract painting on canvas. He is the owner of Dr. Leppers Design Circus and he is about to open The Artistic Armory Gallery on September 21st. Sarah King, who is right by saying “Art is an imprint of an emotion, thought and intuition” showcased her beautiful paintings and has several projects going on at the moment in multiple galleries. Anthony Ortega was creating as well by doing body art and showing art around his work space. Other visual artists included Monica Morones also known as “La Maniaca”, Graceful Designs, Yotaki Urban Shanmann, Luz Nicte, PescEffects: Art of Jerry Pesce, Dan-O-Florez ValBog, Omaya Amador, Manny Fernandez and Prof E: (Turvo Revo!). They were all magnificent as well.
Production for the next RAW Las Vegas “Encompass” has already started production. The next showcase will be on October 24th at 7:00pm. at The Act. You can support the artists by purchasing your tickets online (link listed below). Encompass will be another showcase you must attend with more excellent artists for all of us to enjoy and support. See you at Encompass.


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