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Free Show At Vamp’d Shows Comraderie

By: Michael M. Humel

Count’s Vamp’d Rock Bar and Grill was the venue for a free show by four bands with a mixture of genre’s from blues, funk and hard rock.
The Solid Suns rhythm section is impressive and is probably the best I’ve heard at a local music show in Las Vegas. The hard charging alternative rock “Anyman’s Lament” has a fun dance beat complimented by the dark and damning vocals and guitar of Jon Gamboa. Hard blues song “Caerulean” gave Jim Campbell his best bass performance of the night. “Ash” gave Jon Gamboa his best vocals and reminded me of Soundgarden. The slower groovy “Holes” gave Gamboa one of his best performances on guitar and when I listened to it my first thought was Faith No More.
What I noticed most about Wax Pig Melting is drummer Daniel Williams, the personality and guitar playing of Woz Supposedly and the songwriting of Brian Gibson. Diversity within a band is one of its most important assets. I liked how some of their songs were hard, heavy and fast. While other songs were slow, simple and easy-going. “Jaded (1,193)” and “Nods (Too Much, Too Much. Too Much,” are my two favorite songs by the band. When listening to these songs I was reminded of “Hurt” by Nine Inch Nails without the punch at the end. When Brian Gibson announced the next song “Floor Designs” a roar among their fans came over the stage. The harder guitar and vocals were reminiscent of Alice in Chains and Mad Season. Woz Supposedly is an injection of personality into the lineup of Wax Pig Melting. Standing on the edge of the stage, wearing a towel on his head and getting the rest of the band to follow, Woz Supposedly adds the element of performance to good music. Daniel Williams is one of the quickest and sickest drummers I’ve seen play in any local Las Vegas band.
The only real highlight of The Third Degree was lead singer and guitarist Ross Wilkinson and to a lesser degree drummer Jeff Lampariello. When listening to Wilkinson I was reminded of front man Chris Daughtry. One thing I didn’t like about the band is a lot of the songs sounded similar which caused the performance to mesh together and sound bland. The other highlight from the band’s performance was drummer Jeff Lampariello. He was talented and was one of the only driving forces from the band.
Strange Mistress released their debut album, has embarked on a small tour and is looking forward to recording a sophomore album soon. I have seen this band perform multiple times and I enjoy them every time. The highlight of this performance for me was bassist A.J Gerst. When the band played at their album release party I hadn’t seen anything from Gerst that leapt out at me. This performance gave their fans a more energetic performance from the bassist. He stood on the edge of the stage moved around the stage more and his mannerisms reminded me a little of Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The new song “Speakeasy” sounded like a fuzz bass and gave Gerst his best bass performance. Another stand out moment was the drum solo from Vladi Pop on the cover of “Howlin Wolf,” The day after this concert took place the band started a small memorial weekend tour to promote their first album.

If you would like to contact any of these bands you can reach them at these social media sites.

Wax Pig Melting
Bandcamp –
Soundcloud –

The Solid Suns

Strange Mistress

The Third Degree!/thirddegreelv


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