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A Night Of Acoustics At E-String

By: Michael M. Humel

Kella Bo Bella celebrated the release of her new CD “Droppin Bombs” on August 23rd at E-String Bar and Grill with an intimate concert, Megan Barker a singer/songwriter and Newlywed an acoustic indie trio opened up the night. The venue had a warm cozy atmosphere. The stage was really close so no one had a bad seat in the house. I liked how quiet and easy going it was inside.
Megan Barker started playing when she was only thirteen years old. What I noticed first about Megan was her guitar playing and her personality. The intricate guitar work on “Miss Misery” was impressive and added to the sing-along style of the words. During one of her songs lights were flashing on the stage. “These lights are on crack,” she exclaimed. The crowd opened up with laughter. She will be featured on a compilation album with her song “Doormat” a heavier acoustic style song. The album focuses on songs about domestic abuse and all of the proceeds will go to Safe Nest. The price of a CD is ten dollars. A live show will be played in October at Aliante Station. “Love is the Enemy” is a harder darker song condemning love and was the best song of her set. “Wrecking Ball” was another composition that was one of her best and reminded me of Edwin McCain.
Newlywed is an acoustic indie trio Sterling and Sammy Wilson with the added instrumentation of drummer Daniel Giorlando. His drum work complimented all of the songs and gave them more power. The opening song”Needless to Say” has vocals by Sterling Wilson that were reminiscent of Oasis. He sang a song for his wife Sammy “Sister Love” that sounded like acoustic Alice in Chains. I enjoyed the diversity in the songs. The best vocal by Sterling Wilson came when he sang “Sold.” The hard pounding “Alice” is a rollercoaster of guitars and even harder drums. The build up was powerful was the most powerful of the set.
When Kella Bo Bella first took the stage she looked nervous. As soon as the sound check was over and they were ready to begin it was like she transformed in the blink of an eye. Kella was accompanied on stage by David Warner playing cello. “She began the show with “Confessions on the Rocks”. She exuded a sexy confidence that was unmistakable. The happiest most upbeat song in her set came from “One for the Road.” The song had a fun, island feel and was reminiscent of Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz. “Juxtaposed Love Song” has the same fun feeling. However, Kella’s vocals in this song showed more range. “Removal of the Primaries” has a darker feel. The vocals on this track seem like a more fitting style for her. Toward the end of the song she starts making sounds instead of words, reminding me of Steven Tyler from Aerosmith. This track gave Kella one of her best vocals of the night. “Removal of the Primaries” also gave David Warner his highlight of the night while playing cello. He had a solo that was “fun to play”, according to Warner. While he was playing my eyes widened and I started thinking “where did that come from?” I’m looking forward to more shows from this up and coming artist.


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