Promoting Las Vegas Arts & Culture

Sitting Down With Strange Mistress

By: Michael M. Humel

When I first heard that Kevin Kilfeather had another band called Strange Mistress I didn’t know what to expect. His other band Jack and the B-Fish has a lighter sound that has more elements of funk, jazz and even reggae. The only time I compare the two groups at all is when I hear certain distinctions in Kilfeathers voice. Strange Mistress with A.J Gerst on bass and Vladi Pop on drums is straight hard rock. I sat down with the band to interview them and just talk about music. It was interesting to have a relaxed conversation about the band’s music, influences and their previous experiences in other bands. After the interview was over and the camera shut off it became more of a relaxing environment. I liked the similarities in how we feel about the music industry. We even liked a lot of the same bands.
A.J Gerst and I both believe Led Zeppelin was the greatest rock and roll band of all time. Although our opinions differ slightly on Pearl Jam. The band influences were mixed between Pearl Jam, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and more. I had met Kevin at a show of his from his band Jack and the B fish and I had met A.J once at a Rooftop Ridicule show. The band Rooftop Ridicule had a unique sound that I wanted to see expand and was unhappy with their demise. One thing that struck me about Kevin Kilfeather while I was talking to him was his approach to what he does. He’s a songwriter and he can’t stop. That’s what he does. It comes out whether he wants it to or not. It’s always fun meeting people with similar musical interests. When the conversation drifted to the Las Vegas music scene I was glad that the band agreed with me that the local Las Vegas Arts & Culture scene needs more a a community feel. Because the reason I created this magazine was to hopefully give Las Vegas that feel.


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