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Kella Bo Bella Releases Droppin Bombs

Kella Bo BellaKella
By: Michael M. Humel

In the beginning of “Skeletons” Kella Bo Bella takes a small breath and I was reminded of the cover of Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley when he does the same thing. I didn’t know what to expect. The first song on her new release has an acoustic sing along vibe. It seems like a story about someone running away from something they have done to keep up with all the good they have done. This is a pretty universal theme. “Confessions on the Rocks” is a sexy time warp into a small jazz club in the early part of the century. I imagine sitting down and being serenaded in a teasing manner when listening to this song. One of my favorite aspects of this song is David Warner on cello and the sound of Ken Osborne on lead guitar is signature and recognizable if you have heard him play. “Debt Crisis” has a more grown up and mature feel. This song is the different side of the same coin started on “Confessions on the Rocks.” Kella Bo Bella shows more of her vocal range in this song letting go in some parts toward the end of the song. Her vocal on this track is my favorite throughout the entire release. “Just Keep Smiling” has a solemn feel with a beautiful guitar part that reminded me of “Silent Lucidity” and a haunting cello. This track is a very personal song to the heart of the writer, which usually makes for the best songs. The final song on “Droppin Bombs” is an up tempo more fun composition called “Dramatic Irony.” The harder sounding guitar again by Ken Osbourne tells a story about a woman who was soft, quiet and maybe naive. By the end of this song she is grown, she has formed a harder shell and she is ready for the world.


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