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All Girl Band Ingenue Rocks 90’s Style Today

album cover
By: Michael Humel

“Super Swell” by Ingenue reminded me of why I love all girl bands and nineties music. The song “Coffee Shop” reminds me of the Teenage FanClub album “Bandwagonesque”. Listening to that album in the summer of 1992 are some of the best moments of my childhood. When I heard this song and the memories came back I smiled. “Anemone” gives the release its most recognizable guitar riff and beat. The vocals mesh well with the guitar and they compliment one another well. The bass by Christina Ownby toward the end of the song gives the song a harder fuzz based heartbeat. The opening guitar and cymbals of “Roxy” is the best opening of any song on the album. The guitar by Lauren Doran is a hard charging and breaks out into a wail. “Valley” starts off with a sexy blues feel. The song slows down to a pace of pretty rhythm as it progresses. Because it’s a softer song it shows off the drum work of Elena Castro. The song “Super Swell” sounds like the harder side of the 90s. The start of the song reminds me of “Silverchair”. Weaving in and out of the softer and harder side of alternative music making it more diverse. “You were mine” is a faster, softer alternative song that reminds me of The Breeders. Ingenue is two sides of an alternative rock coin and I love both of them. They have the musical ability to write harder rock songs as well as softer sing along songs.


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