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The Greatest Show On Earth

By: Paloma Solamente
Art Columnist

Ladies and gentlemen and kids of all ages, The Greatest Show on Earth was in town and it was amazing! Fire eaters, trapeze artists, clowns, and beasts from every corner of the earth performed for everyone’s visual delight! As always Black Bird Studios offered a one of a kind exhibit with more than 80 artists from all around the world showing their artwork inspired by the circus and freak shows that traveled through American towns during the early 1900s through the Great Depression and Dust Bowl era. The artists whose work was featured used this as inspiration for an amazing group exhibit.
There was beautiful artwork by artists such as James Henninger, Dustin M. Wax, Jerry Misko, Keiko Mukarami, Sergio Kiss, Heriberto Ibarra, Ali Fathollahi, Luis Tinoco, Justin Lepper, Peter Mangert, 3 BAAAD Sheep, Mike Korn, Judy Rich, Teresa Marahaj, Jan Harris Arduni, Mike Caldwell, Stacy Rink, Amy Goh, Jason Garuda, Beth Brooks McCall, Stephanie Kremer, Brien McCrea, Lisa Dittrich, Carrie Bourdeau, Rachelle Bregsgi, Nanda Sharifpour, and Sean C. Jones just to mention a few…
From the beginning to the end the exhibit was nothing but pure artistic excitement which included circus inspired live entertainment for the grand opening, this great production took several months in the making and the results were nothing but amazing during all its existence, an experience that both the artists and art lovers will remember as one of The Greatest Shows on Earth.
This exhibit continued Blackbird Studios tradition of group shows following the success of Grimm Fairy Tales and Peewee’s Playhouse over the last two years and word is by Black Bird Studios’ owner Gina Quaranto that there will be another amazing group exhibit this coming winter which I am sure all of us will be waiting for and know in advance that it will be another extraordinary success for Black Bird Studios and all the artist that will take part of it.


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