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Hard Rock Rebellion and Poetic Words Equal Transdecadence

album cover
By: Michael M. Humel

Hard rock and heavy rebellion were the first words I imagined when I began listening to Candy Warpop’s new album Transdecadence. Much of the music industry has gone soft. This album is a loud underground vibration of powerful guitars and a unique angst ridden voice that has a lot to say. The opening wave of magnified guitars on “Exterminating Angel” turns into journey of blues and heavy rock melded together. While the easy pace and deep bellow of Amy Pates voice oozes angry sex. “Locusts and the Birds” is a fast paced remembrance of the harder side of 90’s alternative music that many are dying to have come back. One of the major components on an album is the importance or the beauty of its lyrics. The songs take on subjects like religion, the dark side of the church, a world seemingly going to hell and loneliness.
The opening echo of Joshua Chevere Cohen’s guitar on “Plastic Earth” sets a tone for the rest of the album and was a wow moment for me, because I had not heard a sound quite like it on any other album. “Residue of Change” slows down the album to a beautiful halt. Amy Pates vocals remind me of an older, more mature Alanis Morrisette and Amy Lee from Evanescence. “Darjeeling Darling” is an on edge love song that paints images and screams desire. The drum work in “Trigger” by Anisa Marie was a definite standout for her. The slow bass line “Afterlife in Dreams” by Jonas Woolverton lulled me into a quiet state of focus while I listened to the song louder and louder trying to hear the lyrics. The words are spoken like whispers in the night. This was one of the songs on the album I enjoyed the most mainly because of its diversity. The words are sectioned together by all four members telling stories of dream and out of body experiences.
Candy Warpop is having an album release party on Thursday, August 15th. The party is at Backstage Bar and Billiards and will also feature Mercy Music, Tiger Sex and sideshow performances Jenn O. Cide and DJ sets by Spidersilk.


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