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Strange Mistress releases debut multi-layered album

strange mistress

By: Michael M. Humel

The new album by Strange Mistress will be released on Friday, August 9th followed by a release party at Bar 702. The party will have four different bands playing with Strange Mistress showcasing their album in its entirety.
The first aspect of this album I enjoyed was the voice of Kevin Kilfeather. Between his normal singing voice and the hearty growl he charges forward it reminds me of a mix between Jim Morrison and Danzig. Also I appreciated how easily the music transitioned between funk, rock and blues. The opening track to the album “Ya Dig” was an early 90’s alternative in your face introduction to the world. The beat and Kilfeathers guitar solo is what I enjoyed most. The slow rock “Frogs” has a cool groove with added guitar parts that come out of nowhere compliment the song and make it even better. Even though “Archimedes Mustache” was a fast, loud punch in the face it was my least favorite track because of how short it was and the other songs had more diversity within them. “Confucius” and “Scarabs” gave Vladi Pop his best drum work in the entire album. “Yesterday, today and tomorrow” has an island feel where I imagine listening to the band playing around a bonfire on the beach. When listening to “The Fear” I couldn’t help thinking of The Red Hot Chili Peppers. This was a very funky surprise. “Kingdom Come” is one of my favorite songs on the album. Part of me wishes the beginning would have stayed for the whole song because I would have liked that slow rock feeling to last longer. The main guitar part of “No one suspects the Butterfly” is blues-driven and reminiscent of Stevie Ray Vaughan. It’s also the track on the album I wait for most.
When this album is released on Friday I recommend you purchase it and I personally am looking forward to seeing them play there album live.


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