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Last Show At The Bunkhouse A Success

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By: Michael Humel

The Bunkhouse played a final show on June 29th consisting of seven bands, which went on until wee into the morning hours; The Bunkhouse was due to close for a few months so that new management could take over. Because the show had seven bands, they traded off: one band played inside and the next would play outside.
The first band to take the stage that night was Avalon Landing. I have seen this band play a couple of times and this performance was the better of the two. They played the song “Erie County Welcomes You Back” which had a pretty piano, an easy going feel and was one of the highlights of the show for me. Another highlight of their performance was the showmanship of guitarist Mike Vargovich. He had more lead vocal performances during this show and I saw more personality come out. Several times during the show Vargovich was rocking out so much that his glasses came off and by the last song he sang, he just let them fly and took the audience on a ride.
Same Sex Mary was also at the show that night. When the band started playing they exuded a rockabilly vibe and at the same time reminded me of The Black Keys. Two of my favorite moments when they were on stage was the song “Long Haired Creep,” which was blues-filled and had a fun guitar riff that flowed nicely with the song, and “Bad Dreams,” which had beautifully haunting vocals and a more pronounced organ that I wanted to hear throughout the set. One song that gave the performance a sexy tone was when they played “Pharmacy.” The song reminded me of “Why don’t you do right” an old blues pop song by Kansas Joe McCoy. The last song they played was a cover of the country song “Long Goodbyes” by Chandelle. This song reminded me of Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline and even was reminiscent of some Norah Jones. It was definitely an enjoyable way for them to end their part of the show.
Big Friendly Corporation added a more energetic pop driven atmosphere. Some of there songs reminded me of a mix between Radiohead and Green Day. The song “Tonight” was a fun fast paced light hearted sounding song. They mixed a very small amount of blues with pop music. As the song went on I liked it even more. The vocals toward the end of the song was the highlight for me. “A Ton of Bricks” has interesting sounds and reminded me of The Cure and Pavement. I would recommend purchasing all of their albums.
The Clydesdale, a local country rock band, was my favorite band of the night. The vocals by Paige Overton had the best range of any vocal performance during the entire show. I had multiple moments during the show when I was listening to her sing and I couldn’t believe she had that much power in her voice. They were also the only band that when they were done the crowd started yelling for an encore. The fact that they are a multi-vocalist bands also adds to the allure of the band. I’m looking forward to any future shows I can attend by The Clydesdale. Crazy Chief was the most energetic band of the night. The lead singer was definitely the best showman of the night.; his body language reminded me of Mick Jagger and Freddie Mercury. The music itself was a hard rock explosion. The vocals on song “Strange Lovers” reminded me of Scott Weiland.
The All-Togethers closed the show which didn’t end until almost three in the morning. A mixture of jazz and hillbilly pop made for an enjoyable show. They played various songs from there new album. They also played a cover of “99 Problems” by Jay-Z. They were one of the bands who played outside and it was so hot, the band was passing around a jug of water to cool themselves down. This band was one of the specific reasons I came to The Bunkhouse on June 29th. The band was enthusiastic and thankful to everyone who had stuck around to see their set of the grand show. Overall, I was glad I was able to see this show because The Bunkhouse has been a part of Las Vegas and this grand finale was a piece of history for the many people who attended this performance.


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