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The All-Togethers at The Lady Silvia

The All Togethers

By: Paul Dufresne and Michael M. Humel

Freelance writer & Editor-in-Chief

The All-Togethers previously a two person band added another member is now a three person self proclaimed hillbilly jazz band. They performed  at The Lady Silvia on Friday May 17 from 6-9PM playing originals and even a cover of 99 problems.

The venue (The Lady Silvia) was cool, I like the kicked back eclectic little bar with the reading room atmosphere. The crowd was small under twenty people which grew as the night went on. The service was good and the wait staff was friendly. The specialty drinks were pretty tasty. Over all I would definitely go back to see another show or just to hang out. Ken Osborne who is the lead singer, guitar player and vox player had the idea for the band a couple of years ago. “I had the idea a couple of years ago while I was watching an old Chaplin movie. I hadn’t seen anyone do anything of this type while out here in Vegas. I mean the old 20’s style music.  Also, I hadn’t seen any bluegrass influences,” said Osborne. Because of the difference in the bands music and audience the take away is also different. “We’d like our audience to enjoy the different side of the music scene no over-produced tones; what you hear is what it is,” Osborne added.

The blues and groove filled “80 Proof Parachute” is an uplifting moment that can’t help but make you move and is my favorite song from the band. The song “Jeffrey” has a slight Indian feel to it and is most unlike the other songs by the band. Even though it is my least favorite by The All-Togethers I did still enjoy aspects of the song. “(Why don’t you) Do Right?” is very sexy, sultry and brings you into Ken Osbornes deep dark voice. Pretty harmonies highlight the song “Self Defense” The song “Points for Honesty” is one of my favorite songs from the band. When I listen to this song I get the feeling of being in a small southern town watching people play music from instruments they made themselves. “Cruel” is a doom sounding song that seems to talk of condemnation and supplies my favorite lyrics. The bands cover of 99 problems was a nice surprise. When asked how they pulled off this unique cover Osborne replied, “It’s a melodic speaking I guess. We were relying on the sounds of hitting our instruments to maintain a beat and decided to alleviate some of the work. So, we built a bit of a pile of junk for different sounds and added them to a stripped-down kit. It’s opened us up and lightened our workload.”

The first release by The All Togethers and the two times I have seen them perform make me want to hear more from the band and I am curious to see where the influences and ideas they have takes them.


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