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Jargon: The Debut Album of Lucky Cuss

Jargon: The debut album of Lucky Cus

By Michael M. Humel

Jargon is an electronic musical journey that pounds reverberates and soothes the listener. Lucky Cuss is a  three piece band and you would never know it by the sounds that come from this album. When you see in the live show what they can accomplish and the stage presence of all three members they will intrigue you and make you a fan.

From the opening heart pounding beats of Ambidextrous the engine of Lucky Cuss Trav EbWashere shows his influence in the writing and direction of the album. His beats range from lighter sounding “Pineapple Slivers” reminiscent of Moby to a darker, harder sounding “Couch Potato Hero” and “Think Frank.” The unique light style guitar playing of Woz Supposedly is evident in the groovy and softer “Courtship N’ Carbon Dating.” A melodic, gothic and beautiful voice in Angela Kerfoot comes out and adds to the identity of the band. A strong female voice leading her band. I see elements of Annie Lennox, Debbie Harry and Sinead O’Connor in her singing. Her best vocals on the album come from the tracks “Con Chic” and “Which Hunt.”

As a first album Jargon does not disappoint and is well worth a listen.  The different elements each member has to offer shows the bands diversity and versatility. Electronic music is becoming more popular. Lucky Cuss should have no problems making an impact in whatever they do from now on.


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