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Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Poets


By: Michael M. Humel


Stolas released their freshman effort “Living Creatures” on March 14th, 2013. The album begins with aggressive vocals and takes the listener on a ride of emotions from feeling uplifted to apathy. An aspect of this album I have not seen in years and love is the beauty of its spoken word poetry.

From the opening screaming vocals of “Thief and the Hourglass” to his hauntingly expressive vocals in “Destroyer” “Time & The Sun” and “Medusa” Jason Weiche sets himself apart as a unique lead vocalist. The harmonies between Jason Weiche and Carlo Marquez is one of the albums multiple facets of beauty, that shows its diversity from the harder vocals and guitar showcased in most of the album. The vocals by R.J Reynolds in “Time & The Sun” and “Year of the light” was a pleasant surprise I had to listen to twice to make sure it was him. The lines he recited are one of my favorite set of lyrics on the album. The narration on “Our Last Night On Earth” by Kurt Travis and Lauren Johnson quickly became one of my favorite lyrical moments. The hard machine gun guitar work mixed with a slower more intricate guitar by Sergio Medina reminds me of Metallica’s earlier albums.  “The Greatest Illusion” becomes an intermission in the halfway point of the album that after I listened to it once I couldn’t wait to hear it again. The lyrics are simultaneously filled with a feeling of freedom and sadness. The only downside to this album I would say is the length on “Destroyer” and “Captured Light” I find myself losing interest in these two songs before they end. The guest vocals on “Captured Light” by Corey Lockwood does add an element to the song that makes it more interesting.

“Living Creatures” has quickly become one of my favorite albums I have heard this year. I strongly recommend this album you will not regret it. I cannot wait to see Stolas perform these songs live. Stolas will be performing a free show June 1st at Yayo Taco.


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