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The Terrible Figures


The Terrible Figures

By: Michael M. Humel


The self titled debut EP of the newly formed band The Terrible Figures will soon be released after a Kickstarter campaign is launched. The indie alternative rock band has five songs on the first release.

The song “Mildly Terrified” has an island feel. The back and forth vocals and harmonies between Joshua Greenway and Jacklyn Murphy is a standout and my favorite track. Hauntingly beautiful vocals of “Coast” along with the instrumentation reminds me of the Foo Fighters “I Should Have Known.” This song also displays some of the best lyrics on the entire EP. “Disaster” is a perfect outlet for the beautiful voice of Jacklyn Murphy. She sounds like a mixture between Jewel and Dolores O’Riordan from the Cranberries. If anyone has heard the album Grace by Jeff Buckley they will enjoy Green Thumb. The loud crisp beat reminded me of it strongly. Also I enjoyed the different voices coming from everywhere. The guitar work in Post World Blues was a pop driven beginning to the release that is complimented by the singing of Joshua Greenway and Jacklyn Murphy.

I am looking forward to any future releases by The Terrible Figures.The combination of Joshua Greenway and Jacklyn Murphy singing together and even separately within the same song has a soothing fun effect on the listener. Kevin Alberto has a beautifully graveled voice that is one of the closest to Tom Waits I have ever heard.


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